New Colorado State A.D. Talks Optimistically About A Future With Lacrosse

I went to CSU from 1989-93. I'm looking forward to your tenure as AD. As you may or may not know, Colorado State has a great club men's lacrosse program. I was involved with it when I attended, and still keep in touch with it. I would like to know if you have any intention of following the highly successful model at the University of Denver, and making men's and women's lacrosse a varsity D-1 sport? I understand you are constrained by Title IX, but it's hard to argue with the fact that the state and the nation are crazy about lacrosse. Wouldn't the CSU be smart by taking advantage of the burgeoning sport, and making it a recruitment tool by embracing lacrosse as a varsity D-1 sport?
-- Russ , CSU Class of '93

Graham: I would love to add lacrosse to our list of athletic programs. In fact, I intend to make certain that the design we adopt for our on-campus stadium will enable us to use the new stadium for Lacrosse.
However, we do have to be careful that we don't put too many things on our plate too soon. We must prioritize all of the needs and opportunities that are facing us. Lacrosse, women's and men's soccer and men's and women's hockey would all be great additions.

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University of Dubuque (D3 IA) Adds Men's Lacrosse

Becomes first NCAA school in Iowa and first for 2013-2014 academic year.

The University of Dubuque announces the appointment of Jake Olsen as head men's lacrosse coach and Offensive Coordinator in football for the Spartans. Olsen will lead the Spartans in their inaugural season of lacrosse in 2014. There are currently 206 Division III Women's Lacrosse teams and 179 Division III Men's Lacrosse teams competing in the NCAA.

Olsen, a native of Osage, Iowa joined the Spartans in 2011 as a coach for the wide receivers and as an adjunct professor in the Core Curriculum at UD. He Helped the Spartans to it's first IIAC title in football in 31 years. Previously Olsen was assistant head coach and offensive coordinator in football at Southern Oregon University working with quarterbacks and wide receivers (2006-10). He also coached 3 All-Americans and 14 All-Independent NAIA performers while serving as team's strength and conditioning coordinator.

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University of Georgia A.D. Talks Lacrosse

QUESTION: This is a little off the beaten path, but has there been anything new in terms of starting any new sports, whether it’s lacrosse?

ANSWER: No. I think it all is a Title IX review. We have an annual review with our compliance of Title IX, and I’m sure if a time came to where we needed to add a sport, we would activate a committee to study that. But that’s not on our radar right now.

QUESTION: You get the question about men’s soccer, too.

ANSWER: I doubt very seriously it would be a men’s sport. It would have to be a female sport. The demographics here on this campus are 60 percent female and 40 percent male. That’s part of the Title IX prong there to try to mirror the demographics you have on campus. It wouldn’t make sense to add another men’s sport. It would just widen the campus further.

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Young Harris College (D2 GA) To Add Men's and Women's Lacrosse

YOUNG HARRIS, Ga. – Young Harris College President Cathy Cox recently announced the addition of men’s and women’s lacrosse as well as competitive cheerleading as intercollegiate sports beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year, following approval granted by the Young Harris College Board of Trustees at their semi-annual meeting in November in Atlanta.

“As we continue our four-year transformation at Young Harris College, we are pleased to expand our athletics offerings to include men's and women's lacrosse and competitive cheerleading,” said Young Harris College President Cathy Cox. “We are excited to now begin recruiting students who will kick off these programs with us next year.”

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