North Central University (D3 MN) Adds Men's Lacrosse

MINNEAPOLIS- North Central University is pleased to announce the addition of men’s lacrosse to its varsity sports offerings. The Rams lacrosse program, scheduled to begin competition in the spring of 2017, will be the first NCAA Division III varsity men’s lacrosse program in Minnesota. North Central and the city of Minneapolis partnered together to build a new turf athletics surface in Elliot Park, the city recreation center that is surrounded by the NCU campus, in the spring of 2015. The unique partnership with the city gives the Rams men’s & women’s soccer programs a new on-campus home while also allowing North Central an opportunity to pioneer a new program in one of America’s fastest growing sports.

 “With the popularity of men’s lacrosse coming to the Midwest over recent years, the time has come to offer North Central students – present and future -- and our campus community the opportunity to participate and support the sport at a varsity level,” said Greg Johnson, Athletic Director. “I look forward to further uniting our university and the Minneapolis area through men’s lacrosse.”

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Heidelberg University (DIII OH) Adds Lacrosse

TIFFIN -- Heidelberg University will add both women's and men's lacrosse to its slate of varsity athletic programs, with intercollegiate action beginning during the 2016-17 academic year.

 "The popularity of lacrosse expanding in the region, and as a result, the interest to add the sport at Heidelberg is at an all-time high," said athletic director Matt Palm. "With the Ohio High School
Athletic Association adding lacrosse as a sanctioned sport for 2017, the time is right for us."

Heidelberg is the ninth school in the Ohio Athletic Conference to add lacrosse, with the traditional season taking place in the spring.

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