Monday Lax Links

-College Lacrosse Leveled the Field

-Is it Time to Change NCAA Tournament Selection Criteria?

-The History of Head Gear in Girls Lacrosse

-Utah Climbs the Mountain in their First Season

-LIU Chooses the Shark as it's New Mascot

-GLVC Adds Lander (SC) As Member

-Minnesota, the Sleeping Giant

-Napa Valley Adds Boys and Girls Lacrosse

-Lacrosse Growing in Thorold, ON

-PITT Set to Join W. Lacrosse Ranks

-Lacrosse Team Tries to Increase Growth in South Dakota

-Lacrosse Gaining Traction in Western Kentucky

-Growing Lacrosse in Qunicy, MA

-Harlem Team Changing the Face of Lacrosse

-Chris Hogan Buys 100 Tickets to Final Four for Penn State Students

-Lacrosse Growing in Owensboro, KY

Recapping 2019's Inaugural Programs

Rochester College

W – 2019 Record 0-9

Marian University
Division 3 (W)
W – 2019 Record 2-13

Bethany College
Division 3 (W)
West Virginia
W – 2019 Record 3-12

Lewis University

Division 2 (W)
W – 2019 Record
University of Utah
Division 1 (M)
M – 2019 Record 5-10
Life University
W – 2019 Record
University at Plattsburgh
Division 3 (W)
New York
W – 2019 Record
Wisconsin - River Falls
Division 3 (W)
W – 2019 Record 11-5
Barton College
Division 2 (M)
North Carolina
M – 2019 Record 5-12
St. Bonaventure
Division 1 (M)
New York
M – 2019 Record 0-13
Marietta College
Division 3 (M/W)
M – 2019 Record
W – 2019 Record 3-13
Sage College
Division 3 (M)
New York
M – 2019 Record
Whitworth University
Division 3 (W)
W – 2019 Record 1-7
Taylor University
M – 2019 Record 3-6

University of Chicago
Division 3 (W)
W – 2019 Record 14-2
Willamette University
Division 3 (W)
W – 2019 Record 3-9

Kent State University
Division 1 (W)
W – 2019 Record 2-15
Mercer County Community College
New Jersey
M – 2019 Record 9-7
William Peace University
Division 3 (W)
North Carolina
W – 2019 Record 10-5
Anderson University

Monday Lax Links

-Girls Lacrosse Seeks 2nd Classification in Colorado

-Boys Lacrosse Growing in Wyoming Valley, PA

-NLL and US Boxla Enter into Partnership

-Wings Look to Grow Lacrosse in Philly

-Girls Lacrosse Grows in Missouri

-It was a Leap of Faith to Add the AQ

-LIU Sets Plans for New Mascot

-Lacrosse Growing in Indiana

-MLLs Plan to Enhance Their Brand

-FIL Rebrands at World Lacrosse

-Lacrosse Growing in Madison Wisconsin 

-Detroit Mercy on Forefront of Growth