Maryville University (DII MO) Adds Lacrosse

Maryville University Director of Athletics Marcus Manning has announced the addition of men's lacrosse as a varsity sport for the 2016-17 academic year. The additional team increases the number of Maryville's NCAA Division II championship sports to 21. The first season of Saints men's lacrosse begins spring of 2017.

 "The addition of men's lacrosse to Maryville is another strategic step in providing new opportunities for prospective student-athletes that fits within the fabric of Maryville's campus community," Manning said. "Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing team sports in the country; we are excited to create another NCAA DII program in the Midwest region and for the St. Louis Metropolitan area."

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Denver's lacrosse championship means more for the sport than just another trophy

Lacrosse is traditionally known as an East Coast sport, one played in prep schools in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and in colleges mostly up and down the East Coast. But in recent years, it’s become a sport that’s quickly spreading, starting with Northwestern women’s team taking the first championship away from the traditional powerhouses a decade ago. And now, for the first time in NCAA history, a school west of the Appalachians took home the men’s title with Denver’s decisive victory over the Terps (whose women took home the title last weekend.)'

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Hampton University (DI VA) and Monmouth College (DII IL) Add Lacrosse

HAMPTON, Va. – The Hampton University Department of Athletics has announced the addition of two new sports for the coming 2015-16 academic year: men's lacrosse and women's soccer, both of which have been intramural programs at the school. Both programs will compete as independents and play modified schedules.

Lloyd Carter will serve as head coach of the men's lacrosse program after co-founding and coaching the university's club lacrosse team – a capacity in which Carter has served since 2010. A native of Baltimore, Md., Carter lettered in the sport in both high school and college – playing for Morgan State until the program was discontinued in 1981.

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Monmouth College is pleased to announce the addition of lacrosse to the men's and women's varsity sports programs, college officials announced today. One of the fastest growing sports at the NCAA level, lacrosse was first developed centuries ago by Native Americans, making it the oldest sport in North America. Lacrosse is a fast-paced, high energy sport that is both exciting to participate in and to watch. Adding a sport is nothing new at Monmouth where the men's and women's club water polo teams were elevated to varsity status in 2013.

"As the addition of water polo did, the addition of lacrosse gives us the opportunity to draw from new geographic areas and provides our student body with an opportunity to become involved in a new sport, whether it's playing or as a fan," said MC Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Jacquelyn Condon. "We're very excited to have the opportunity to add lacrosse. We've found that students who are engaged in activities outside the classroom stay in college at a much higher rate than students who are not involved in co-curricular activities."

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Northland College (DIII WI) Adding Lacrosse

Northland College will be adding men's and women's lacrosse starting in the spring of 2016, and the school will also be building a new multi-million dollar stadium to house the lacrosse and soccer programs. Construction on the stadium will begin this summer with the expectation that it will be finished by the end of the year.

The project, which will be built on the land the existing soccer field occupies, will include a new 1,000-seat grandstand, press box, concession stand, Wi-Fi, and an artificial turf playing surface. Money for the new stadium was donated by Northland College trustee and alumnus Craig Ponzio. “This is a proud moment for Northland and for our athletes and fans,” Northland College President Michael Miller said. “Personally, I can’t wait to sit with fans and watch games from the grandstand.

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