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MCLA Coach Leaves for NCAA Job (Duh)

Recently it was announced that LMU Coach Mark Frey is leaving the MCLA program to take an NCAA DIII job at Ferrum College.  First off, it is a credit to the MCLA that a coaching job in one of their programs carries enough weight that an NCAA school would consider such an individual for a position (this is becoming more and more common).  However, Mark Frey points out the many negatives of working at an MCLA school:

-lack of administrative support,
-lack of field/practice priority
-lack of consistent player commitment
-lack of consistent refereeing
-the inability to further develop ones coaching career

The above more or less lays out the realities of coaching at an MCLA school (with some exceptions).  So why would one coach at an MCLA school?  It is a great opportunity to coach, as long as you live in the area of the university and a) already have a day job, or b) are working towards a post graduate degree, or c) can make some money for yourself or d) are retired. 

Otherwise, it is a huge gamble if one uproots their life to move and work at an MCLA school. You are at the mercy of college students as well as making next to nothing. Why do that to yourself and your family? It is arguably risky to hope to use an MCLA position as a springboard to an NCAA job, and while Mark Frey, Matt Holtz and the like deserve credit for following this career path, it is certainly not the safest route to travel if the NCAA is your ambition.  Not only are these MCLA jobs extremely low paying, but all it takes is a group of students to get together and say, hey we don't like coach's personality, coaching style, etc., let's dump him.

MCLA programs have been able to function mainly on small university hand outs, player dues and fundraising to cover operational expenses.  However, operational expenses does not include salary expenses, so until either a) university administrations commit to properly paying MCLA coaches or b) teams significantly increase dues and alumni are able to donate enough to cover proper salary and benefit packages (unlikely) then a continued criticism of the MCLA will be it's inability to maintain or lure quality coaching.

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General Growth

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Yeardly Love Tragedy

-The Tragic Story of Yeardley Love (Probably the best article written on the Love tragedy so far - Sports Illustrated)

-A Cross Lacrosse Shouldn't Bear

-Tragedy at Virginia a Focus of People and Sports Illustrated

NCAA Championships

-Princeton First Even Home Post Season Loss

-Why Army Can Win It All

-Princeton, 'Cuse, and Hopkins are Gone in the First Round.  Good or Bad for the Sport?  IL debates
(if army makes it, the LaxSwami thinks yes)

-Notre Dame Goalie Rodgers Steps Up vs Princeton

-Wittenberg (DIII) Men's Lacrosse Earns First Ever NCAA Tournament Birth

NLL Championships

-Stealth Bring Home Championship Cup

-Washington Stealth Capture Their First NLL Title in Front of Capacity Crowd

-(Video) Final Seconds of Championship Game

MCLA Championships

-Michigan Wins Bid for Three-Peat

-An In Depth Look At The Future of College Lacrosse


-MLL Announces New Fantasy Lacrosse League

-Upper Deck Signs Trading Card Agreement with MLL

-Lacrosse Leads NCAA in Graduation Rates

Tracking Tweets During ESPN Hopkins-Duke Broadcast

Due to ESPN's decision to broadcast the UVA Women's game on ESPNU, Saturdays John Hopkins-Duke contest was moved to ESPN and provided a rare non-championship game broadcast for the sport on the flagship channel.  With a great lead in from SportsCenter the game was broadcast in millions of households that otherwise would not have an opportunity to watch a lacrosse game.  The Growth Blog tracked tweets during the broadcast to get a peek at the collective conscious of some of these new viewers:

Profile_image_1272780379500_normal SoGyftedMusic Turnt on ESPN and they gotta lacrosse game on, look kinda fun, can't even front

Dtom_normal DexKnowsAll watching some #lacrosse on @ESPN although I don't understand it

M_copy_normal yomike Can't tell you why I'm watching Duke + Johns Hopkins Lacrosse but this game is kinda hype...

Twitpic_normal TimmyTimmyMoore I wish lacrosse would have been big down here when I was growing up. I know I would have been awesome

How Would a Big 10 Expansion/Big East Split Affect Men's Lacrosse

Talk has lingered about Big 10 expansion and it's repercussions for several months now and while nothing is confirmed, there is no doubt that this has the potential to shake up the lacrosse world and specifically Big East Lacrosse.
If the Big 10 decides that it only desires one team for expansion, the Big East Lacrosse conference would likely remain intact.  The Big 10 may simply pluck Nebraska or Missouri from the Big 12 and call it a day, easing the worries of the Big East schools.  The Big 10 could also expand with one team from the Big East, which may or may not affect the Big East Lacrosse conference.  If a non-lacrosse playing school such as West Virginia or Pitt jumped to the Big 10, and the Big East replaced such a school with UCF or Memphis, then the lacrosse conference remains intact.  If either of the two lacrosse playing institutions often mentioned when it comes to expansion, Rutgers or Syracuse, were to leave for the Big 10 the Big East lacrosse conference would certainly be affected, however it could be argued that this would not be a doomsday scenario.  Syracuse would likely return to being an independent, or Rutgers, as stated by the Newark Star-Ledger, would likely join the ECAC.  Hypothetically, the Big East replaces the departed team with UCF or Memphis, and the lacrosse conference could add Loyola as an affiliate lacrosse only memeber, as the women's lacrosse conference does, to keep the number at a safe 7 teams.

Tierney Gets His Marquee Win

Denver Head Coach Bill Tierney got his most important W since becoming a Pioneer.  DU shellacked Loyola at Inveso Field, home of the Denver Broncos, and will be the ECAC AQ to the National Tournament. This victory comes on the heels of a New York Times article and an ESPN article covering his decision to leave Princeton for Denver.

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