Tracking Tweets During ESPN Hopkins-Duke Broadcast

Due to ESPN's decision to broadcast the UVA Women's game on ESPNU, Saturdays John Hopkins-Duke contest was moved to ESPN and provided a rare non-championship game broadcast for the sport on the flagship channel.  With a great lead in from SportsCenter the game was broadcast in millions of households that otherwise would not have an opportunity to watch a lacrosse game.  The Growth Blog tracked tweets during the broadcast to get a peek at the collective conscious of some of these new viewers:

Profile_image_1272780379500_normal SoGyftedMusic Turnt on ESPN and they gotta lacrosse game on, look kinda fun, can't even front

Dtom_normal DexKnowsAll watching some #lacrosse on @ESPN although I don't understand it

M_copy_normal yomike Can't tell you why I'm watching Duke + Johns Hopkins Lacrosse but this game is kinda hype...

Twitpic_normal TimmyTimmyMoore I wish lacrosse would have been big down here when I was growing up. I know I would have been awesome

Nate_normal ottomatic13 Lacrosse looks like alotta fun.

Keys_normal iamjaykeys Lacrosse look like hockey on grass

Twitterprofilephoto_normal Dreman1731 Watching Lacrosse, I know they gotta be hot in those jerseys and pads.

Zsdf_normal bradblum I really wish I knew how to play lacrosse. It looks like it would be a blast.

81695803_normal teezybaby15 If I close my eyes and listen to the announcers lacrosse almost sounds like basketball...quick first step...shake n bake....to the rack

102840089_normal Caged_in If black ppl played lacrosse we would dominate it...

Blue_shirt_normal sassy_brown19 #RANDOM i WONDER HOW MUCH $$ lACROSSE PlAYERS GET PAiD ??

Photo_normal 1JOEDASHOW I wish I played lacrosse wen I was younger

Football_game_normal C7Walt Lacrosse= Hockey on land

A5e42ff2de9561c54d695a7cfd563f9f_2137236_normal AnAverageRunner Watching lacrosse on ESPN. I've decided that being a lacrosse goalie might be the worst position in sports.

4581_571556828811_44000469_33529359_4093907_n_normal dallaswiginton Watchin ncaa lacrosse. If altus woulda had it I def woulda played. About to go hit the range

85158892_normal LisaTheStarr @AyeFuckJuno i like lacrosse ! lls it looks fun if ur actually playing lol

Chris_normal PHInal_Chance At the barbershop with @trefury listenin to biggie and jay-z while watchin lacrosse...

Kenny_normal MR_SbSquad Watchin lacrosse these bois crazy I would play this game

103744725_normal myMYNDisBROKN Watching lacrosse. What kinda sport is this?? Tennis mixed with football mixed with soccer? Do they tackle in this sport?

Keys_normal iamjaykeys You gotta have powerful hand-eye coordination for this lacrosse shit

20571_250800311740_507231740_3848820_1032566_n_normal willgladnick My brother just said lebron would be "sooo good" at lacrosse.. you have to be kidding

Jtm02_normal JTM02 who would have ever thought that watching lacrosse could be so fun

Blue_normal shefeelinBLUE A lot of sports like soccer and lacrosse are so similar to basketball considering offensive and defensive techniques.

48648204_normal BHayes_4 Lacrosse Is A Crazy Ass Sport Yo

Buddye_normal DPressed_WI_fan Lacrosse on ESPN. I can't lie I've been watching it for the past couple of years & it aint bad.

69891658_normal MisterAndersonD I should have played Lacrosse it looks fun

Gutta_normal DatBoiTD49 #NowWatching..Lacrosse..#DukeVsJHU..This like watching soccer and basketball put together

Jack_normal cdkercher Suprisingly enjoying college lacrosse on tv.

Tsa2_normal SandlapperSpike I've never figured out lacrosse rules, though it looks fun. At The Citadel, the guys on our club team were mostly from NJ and mostly crazy.

Ou_normal The_real_hr Is watching lacrosse, its like football basketball and soccer mixed.

Bold_9700_onyx_oem_wallpaper-67_normal jacjordan76 My first ever Lacrosse game! I really dig the game!

Photo_69_normal dtayJONES Hampton need to have a lacrosse team i would go off #nogas

Untitled_normal Mstew09 Do we have a lacrosse team at IU? I feel like I would be cold at it and earn a scholarship!

30292_591863873159_26806255_34228659_3775168_n_normal FnIFly Lacrosse is a trill sport.

Xl_logo_normal REAMER_72 Lacrosse is actually a really fun sport to watch

Blackpower-fist_normal AKdaGOD2293 Lacrosse is on ESPN & i hvnt changed da channel 1ce lik i'm actually interested in wachin it.

Jeezy_snowman_pigtails_grandma_simpson_bathroom_normal joker7820 I been in this shop for too long. I just watched a full game of lacrosse & Duke just kicked some ass