Washington Votes Down Sponsoring High School Lacrosse

Despite there being well over 100 high school club lacrosse teams in the state of Washington, as well as a successful NLL franchise, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association voted down sponsoring lacrosse by a vote of 8-53.  Disappointing, but you can only deny the inevitable for so long.

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Ohio State Sets New Attendance Record at 31,078


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Participation in NCAA Sports Continues to Climb

PC vs. Brown Goal Makes Sportscenter:

OSU Shoots for Third Straight Attendance Record

Ohio State Lacrosse and Jim Tressel are teaming up again for the third straight year, this time vs. the Air Force Academy.  Previously, the Buckeyes set an NCAA regular season attendance record with games versus Denver and Notre Dame played before the football spring game.  With nice weather on the horizon the Buckeyes are likely to break the current record for the third year in a row. 


On a side note MCLA teams FSU and UF actually held a smilar affair before Flordia States spring football game.  It didn't come close to Ohio State's success but was quite the accomplishment for both programs regardless. 

Also, props to the 412 Blog for picking up on this tid bit about San Diego State posting for a Head Women's Lacrosse coach.  There has been some talk about SDSU adding Women's Lacrosse for a couple years now but nothing official.  Looks like it is all but imminent.

Two Video Reports on Regional Growth

Redondo, CA

Centre County, PA:

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Urban Lacrosse Growth

Over the last several years groups dedicated to growing lacrosse in urban areas have popped up in cities across the nation.  Among the most successful groups include MetroLacrosse (Boston), LEAPS (Philadelphia), and CityLax (NYC).  There is even a group (LacrosseTheNations) dedicated to bringing the sport to impoverished communities internationally. 

A documentary about an urban youth lacrosse league is also in production:

Philly is typically at the forefront of urban lacrosse growth thanks to Jonathan Christmas and his LEAPS Foundation.  Recently, Philadelphia debuted a public school boys lacrosse league with 6 teams.  A girls league was also started thanks to assistance from Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Legend Tina Sloan Green.  The teams were funded by a combination of a US Lacrosse Grant and Christmas' LEAPS Foundation.

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Big City Classic Delivers

This past weekend the Big City Classic was held at the new Meadowlands Stadium and it was, well big.  Leading up to the event the BCC was receiving some national buzz, including a article in the New York Times and Newark Star Ledger.  And the event definitely delivered, with over 25,000 fans filling the stadium to see UVA defeat UNC and Cuse dominate Princeton.  Heck, they even got Mark Sanchez to give lacrosse a shot.

Big City Classic Photos

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Rhodes College in Tennessee to Add Men's Lacrosse

Rhodes College will sponsor Men's Lacrosse for the 2011-2012 season.  Rhodes will be the 8th Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference school to add the sport.

Rhodes College
Division 3 (M)

School Info

Check out are future varsity programs page!

Intramural Lacrosse

For lacrosse to penetrate the main stream sport conscious, the addition of the sport to college intramural offerings is a must.  While a handful of schools such as Providence College offer lacrosse as an intramural sport, and some such as UMass have offered it in the past, it is not a common phenomenon nationwide.  Surprisingly, lacrosse stronghold Johns Hopkins does not offer it, however IM Lacrosse is somewhat common in Canada where the culture is based more on the indoor game.

Intramurals in general are for the casual and non-committal sports participant.  However, current models for intramural lacrosse require participants to provide their own sticks, therefore catering to individuals who are already hooked on the sport or at least have some previous experience.  IM Lacrosse should be an opportunity to expose the sport to new participants, but to do this Intramural Departments would need to purchase their own sticks for use by their students. 

Another problem is that there is no nationally agreed upon playing rules for intramural lacrosse. NIRSA has set national intramural rules for many sports offered by Universities, lacrosse not being one of them.  Since intramural lacrosse currently has no agreed upon rules, schools are left on their own to set guidelines, giving students inconsistent experiences from school to school. 

Unless the demand is there, which it likely isn't at this time given the amount of varsity and club options out there, Intramural Departments will likely continue leaving IM Lacrosse as a niche phenomenon with student supplied equipment.  However, twenty years from now your dorm may have an organized lacrosse team rather than football team.

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Strong Attendance Numbers For The Weekend

Nice weather and some quality mid-season match-ups will bring out the fans, as Inside Lacrosse noted today

*The New England Lacrosse Classic with Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Princeton drew 6,403

*Harvard drew a record 13,285 to its 14-5 loss to Duke on Friday night. It was the largest crowd to witness a non-football game on campus in Harvard's history.

*An overflow crowd attended Salisbury's 16-10 victory over host Stevenson in a Division III game on Saturday.

*Maryland-Virginia drew 7,639 to College Park, Md.

*Georgetown-Navy drew 6,250 to Annapolis

*And Albany-Syracuse drew 5,229 to the Carrier Dome.