Intramural Lacrosse

For lacrosse to penetrate the main stream sport conscious, the addition of the sport to college intramural offerings is a must.  While a handful of schools such as Providence College offer lacrosse as an intramural sport, and some such as UMass have offered it in the past, it is not a common phenomenon nationwide.  Surprisingly, lacrosse stronghold Johns Hopkins does not offer it, however IM Lacrosse is somewhat common in Canada where the culture is based more on the indoor game.

Intramurals in general are for the casual and non-committal sports participant.  However, current models for intramural lacrosse require participants to provide their own sticks, therefore catering to individuals who are already hooked on the sport or at least have some previous experience.  IM Lacrosse should be an opportunity to expose the sport to new participants, but to do this Intramural Departments would need to purchase their own sticks for use by their students. 

Another problem is that there is no nationally agreed upon playing rules for intramural lacrosse. NIRSA has set national intramural rules for many sports offered by Universities, lacrosse not being one of them.  Since intramural lacrosse currently has no agreed upon rules, schools are left on their own to set guidelines, giving students inconsistent experiences from school to school. 

Unless the demand is there, which it likely isn't at this time given the amount of varsity and club options out there, Intramural Departments will likely continue leaving IM Lacrosse as a niche phenomenon with student supplied equipment.  However, twenty years from now your dorm may have an organized lacrosse team rather than football team.

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