Urban Lacrosse Growth

Over the last several years groups dedicated to growing lacrosse in urban areas have popped up in cities across the nation.  Among the most successful groups include MetroLacrosse (Boston), LEAPS (Philadelphia), and CityLax (NYC).  There is even a group (LacrosseTheNations) dedicated to bringing the sport to impoverished communities internationally. 

A documentary about an urban youth lacrosse league is also in production:

Philly is typically at the forefront of urban lacrosse growth thanks to Jonathan Christmas and his LEAPS Foundation.  Recently, Philadelphia debuted a public school boys lacrosse league with 6 teams.  A girls league was also started thanks to assistance from Philadelphia Women's Lacrosse Legend Tina Sloan Green.  The teams were funded by a combination of a US Lacrosse Grant and Christmas' LEAPS Foundation.

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