Baldwin-Wallace College (OH) Adds Men's and Women's Lacrosse

BEREA, OHIO – Baldwin-Wallace College will add lacrosse as a club sport in 2012-13 and as a varsity sport for men and for women beginning in 2013-14.

The B-W Leadership Council also approved immediate national searches to identify full-time coaches for each team.

“For many of our students, a central part of their college experience involves being a member of a varsity athletic team,” said B-W President Richard Durst. “For those students, the opportunities for teamwork and leadership as well as the relationships that are forged with their coaches readily make the field of competition a natural extension of the classroom. We are delighted to be expanding an already-robust intercollegiate program with the new additions.”

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Lacrosse Growth a Focus of Two National Magazines

NCAA Champion Magazine

Michigan's decision to add men's lacrosse could have a domino effect on sponsorship at the BCS level.

To hear people talk, you'd think the University of Michigan scored the biggest win in lacrosse history last spring.  "It's a significant landmark for our sport," said Denver head coach Bill Tierney, who knows a thing or two about winning after capturing six titles in 22 years at Princeton.   "This is huge," said Notre Dame coach Kevin Corrigan, who took the Irish to the national title game in 2010.

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Team Insight Magazine

In the past decade, lacrosse has exploded, growing well outside its traditional Eastern Seaboard and Ivy League mindset.  Some would argue that the sport's growth is exaggerated since it has a small base, but equipment deals simply can't ignore a three-fold increase in participants over the past decade.

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Wilmington (OH) and Midland (NE) Add Lacrosse

Wilmington College will sponsor men’s and women’s varsity lacrosse teams, beginning with the 2012-13 academic year.

“A significant percentage of Wilmington College’s students participate in intercollegiate athletics,” Wilmington College interim president Jim Reynolds said. “The College is committed to providing the most complete collegiate experience possible for our students, and adding lacrosse — the fastest growing sport in the nation — will help us continue that mission.”

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(Fremont, Neb.) Midland University President, Dr. Ben Sasse, today announced major changes to the Midland lacrosse program for the 2011-12 school year, beginning with the hiring of Christine Hatton of Conyers, Ga. as the new women’s lacrosse coach.

Additionally, Sasse announced that startingthis year, Midland will be playing varsity lacrosse as part of the National Women’s Lacrosse League. The move takes the program from club sport and provides opportunities for Midland’s lacrosse team to play varsity teams at other small colleges.

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Indianapolis, College Park Named 2013 NCAA Men's Quarterfinal Sites

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Committee has selected College Park, Md., and Indianapolis, Ind., to serve as hosts for the 2013 Division I Men's Lacrosse Quarterfinals.

The University of Maryland, College Park will host games at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium on May 18, while the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana Sports Corporation will host quarterfinal match-ups in Lucas Oil Stadium, on May 19.

"2013 will be an exciting year in men's lacrosse as we take one of the quarterfinals to a newer grass roots area in the mid-west, and we return one to the state of Maryland, a place widely known for lacrosse," said Tony Seaman, Division I Men's Lacrosse Committee chair and special advisor to the director of athletics at Towson University.

"The committee felt moving one of the quarterfinals to a different geographic part of the country would aide in growing the sport of lacrosse, which is one of our most important goals," Seaman said. "Both quarterfinal sites will play the games in top-notch facilities, and have staffs that are experienced and well-equipped for putting on a great championship event for all involved. We're looking forward to what is sure to be a memorable lacrosse weekend in both College Park and Indianapolis in 2013."

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Inside Lacrosse Reacts

Laxpower Reacts

Shot Clock a Success at UNC-OSU Scrimmage

TOWSON, Md. -- Playing fall ball on a spring-like Sunday in suburban Baltimore, perhaps the hub of lacrosse purity, the North Carolina and Ohio State men’s lacrosse teams scrimmaged under experimental rules, including a 60-second shot clock. The result: an entertaining, up-tempo game that ended unofficially in an 11-11 tie at Calvert Hall College High School.

“We’re fortunate to play on the football practice field, so the last two days of practice we fired [the shot clock] up, just to show the men that it’s not that different. You can still get a spin and you can still organize offensively. The key is the quick restart,” said Ohio State head coach Nick Myers. “You saw the game go up and down. That’s the way the game should be played.”

Both Myers and his former mentor, North Carolina head coach Joe Breschi, expressed support for a shot clock in college lacrosse. The teams Sunday had 20 seconds to get the ball to the midline and 60 seconds to get a shot on goal. There were also no horns for in-game stoppages, thus requiring both teams to sub entirely on the fly.

“I liked the no horns. It really sped up the game,” Breschi said. “It had a little bit of international flavor.”

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NCAA To Test Shot-Clock in Two Scrimmages This Weekend

Two men’s lacrosse scrimmages will be played this weekend with experimental rules that stakeholders hope will increase the pace of play.

On Saturday, UMBC will host Georgetown with the following experimental rules being implemented:

If a team is given the stall warning, it has 30 seconds to put a shot on target (goal/save/rebound/pipe). Current rules require the team to keep the ball in the attack area during a stall warning.

On Sunday, North Carolina and Ohio State will scrimmage in Towson, Maryland, with an experimental shot clock being used.

Teams will have 60 seconds (first half) and 75 seconds (second half) to put a shot on goal (goal/save/rebound/pipe) after gaining possession. A shot that misses the goal will not count for this purpose.

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