Wilmington (OH) and Midland (NE) Add Lacrosse

Wilmington College will sponsor men’s and women’s varsity lacrosse teams, beginning with the 2012-13 academic year.

“A significant percentage of Wilmington College’s students participate in intercollegiate athletics,” Wilmington College interim president Jim Reynolds said. “The College is committed to providing the most complete collegiate experience possible for our students, and adding lacrosse — the fastest growing sport in the nation — will help us continue that mission.”

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(Fremont, Neb.) Midland University President, Dr. Ben Sasse, today announced major changes to the Midland lacrosse program for the 2011-12 school year, beginning with the hiring of Christine Hatton of Conyers, Ga. as the new women’s lacrosse coach.

Additionally, Sasse announced that startingthis year, Midland will be playing varsity lacrosse as part of the National Women’s Lacrosse League. The move takes the program from club sport and provides opportunities for Midland’s lacrosse team to play varsity teams at other small colleges.

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