Lacrosse Growth a Focus of Two National Magazines

NCAA Champion Magazine

Michigan's decision to add men's lacrosse could have a domino effect on sponsorship at the BCS level.

To hear people talk, you'd think the University of Michigan scored the biggest win in lacrosse history last spring.  "It's a significant landmark for our sport," said Denver head coach Bill Tierney, who knows a thing or two about winning after capturing six titles in 22 years at Princeton.   "This is huge," said Notre Dame coach Kevin Corrigan, who took the Irish to the national title game in 2010.

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Team Insight Magazine

In the past decade, lacrosse has exploded, growing well outside its traditional Eastern Seaboard and Ivy League mindset.  Some would argue that the sport's growth is exaggerated since it has a small base, but equipment deals simply can't ignore a three-fold increase in participants over the past decade.

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Elison McAllaster said...

It really is growing, and we're doing our part down here in Savannah, Georgia.

My son Ricky loved lacrosse, and when we moved to Savannah he was heartbroken that there were no youth leagues available. Not one to be turned down, however, Ricky encouraged enough of his friends to play that he was able to form a team and continue to play up to the car accident on New Year's Eve 2010 that took his life.

My husband and I now hold the Ricky McAllaster Memorial Classic each February to both honor Ricky's memory and to raise money to promote youth lacrosse in our area.