Newbury College (D3 MA) Adds Women's Lacrosse

BROOKLINE, Mass. - Newbury College is pleased to announce that it will add women’s lacrosse to its athletics lineup in the New England Collegiate Conference, beginning with the spring 2017 season. The College’s Board of Trustees recently approved adding the sport to its intercollegiate athletics program, which currently sponsors 13 intercollegiate sport programs; seven men’s teams and six women’s teams.

 “Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America, and its addition here at Newbury aligns nicely with our recruiting goals,” said Newbury College Director of Athletics Jonathan Harper. “Lacrosse will allow us to recruit additional female student-athletes who will be successful not only on the field, but in the classroom as well.”

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Recapping 2015's Inaugural Year Programs

Muskingum University
Division 3 (M/W)

M - 2015 Record: 3-11

W - 2015 Record: 0-12

Asbury University

M - 2015 Record: 6-5
W- 2015 Record: 3-7

UMass Lowell
Division 1 (M)

Gardner Webb University
Division 1 (W)

W - 2015 Record: 1-13

Wartburg College
Division 3 (W)

W- 2015 Record: 4-12

University of Virginia Wise
Division 2 (W)

W- 2015 Record: 3-11

U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Division 3 (M/W)

M - 2015 Record: 4-10
W - 2015 Record: 4-11

Wabash College
Division 3 (M)
M - 2015 Record: 1-12

Cornell College
Division 3 (M/W)

M - 2015 Record: 3-10
W- 2015 Record: 1-14

North Greenville University
Division 2 (M/W)
South Carolina
M - 2015 Record: 1-14
W- 2015 Record: 1-10

Delaware Valley College
Division 3 (M/W)
M - 2015 Record: 5-8
W - 2015 Record: 2-10

Johnson State College
Division 3 (W)
W- 2015 Record: 3-10

Colorado State Pueblo
Division 2 (M)
M - 2015 Record: 1-11

Lincoln Memorial University
Division 2 (M/W)
M - 2015 Record: 4-10
W - 2015 Record: 1-11

Mass. College of Liberal Arts
Division 3 (W)
W- 2015 Record: 4-9

Keystone College
Division 2 (M/W)
M - 2015 Record: 2-9
W - 2015 Record: 0-10

Thomas More College
Division 3 (W)
W- 2015 Record: 1-9

Maine Maritime Academy
Division 3 (W)

W- 2015 Record: 2-10

Carroll University
Division 3 (M/W)

M- 2015 Record: 0-6
W- 2015 Record: 0-14

St. Gregory's University

M- 2015 Record: 6-8

Pace University
Division II (W)
New York

W- 2015 Record: 5-11

Shorter University
Division II (M/W)

M - 2015 Record: 8-7
W - 2015 Record: 3-11

New Jersey Tech
Division I (M)
New Jersey

M - 2015 Record: 0-12

Southern Vermont College
Division III (W)
W- 2015 Record: 4-10

Truett-McConnell College

W- 2015 Record: 0-14

Ave Maria University

W- 2015 Record: 3-10

Ocean City Community College
New Jersey

M - 2015 Record: 4-7

Illinois Wesleyan University
Division 3 (W)
W - 2015 Record: 7-9

Kalamazoo College
Division 3 (W)
W - 2015 Record: 6-8

Lyndon State (DIII VT) Adds Women's Lacrosse

LYNDON CENTER, Vt. – The Lyndon Department of Athletics has announced it will add two athletic programs in the 2016-17 school year. A men's and women's track and field program, as well as a women's lacrosse team will be added to the 12 v
arsity sports the institution currently offers and both will compete at the NCAA Division III level.

 Lyndon has begun a nationwide search for qualified coaches who will be hired this summer to recruit for and organize the programs throughout the 2015-16 academic year. The Spring 2017 semester will mark the first season these teams complete as NCAA varsity programs.

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Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (DII) To Sponsor Lacrosse

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. --- Men's lacrosse is being added as an official Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference sport starting in the 2015-16 school year. Participating members will be Adams State University, Colorado Mesa University, CSU-Pueblo and Westminster College. Rockhurst University (Kansas City, Mo.) will also participate as an associate member.

 "Lacrosse has been the fastest growing sp
ort in the NCAA and we are pleased to support the program for our male student-athletes while enhancing the development of the sport within the Rocky Mountain region," said RMAC Commissioner Chris Graham. "It is always rewarding when the membership can expand competitive opportunities." With the addition of men's lacrosse, the RMAC now sponsors 23 sports, the most in the 105-year history of the conference. This is the first men's sport added to the RMAC since men's swimming and diving in 2008. Women's lacrosse became an official RMAC sport in 2013.

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