Shot Clock a Success at UNC-OSU Scrimmage

TOWSON, Md. -- Playing fall ball on a spring-like Sunday in suburban Baltimore, perhaps the hub of lacrosse purity, the North Carolina and Ohio State men’s lacrosse teams scrimmaged under experimental rules, including a 60-second shot clock. The result: an entertaining, up-tempo game that ended unofficially in an 11-11 tie at Calvert Hall College High School.

“We’re fortunate to play on the football practice field, so the last two days of practice we fired [the shot clock] up, just to show the men that it’s not that different. You can still get a spin and you can still organize offensively. The key is the quick restart,” said Ohio State head coach Nick Myers. “You saw the game go up and down. That’s the way the game should be played.”

Both Myers and his former mentor, North Carolina head coach Joe Breschi, expressed support for a shot clock in college lacrosse. The teams Sunday had 20 seconds to get the ball to the midline and 60 seconds to get a shot on goal. There were also no horns for in-game stoppages, thus requiring both teams to sub entirely on the fly.

“I liked the no horns. It really sped up the game,” Breschi said. “It had a little bit of international flavor.”

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