OSU Shoots for Third Straight Attendance Record

Ohio State Lacrosse and Jim Tressel are teaming up again for the third straight year, this time vs. the Air Force Academy.  Previously, the Buckeyes set an NCAA regular season attendance record with games versus Denver and Notre Dame played before the football spring game.  With nice weather on the horizon the Buckeyes are likely to break the current record for the third year in a row. 


On a side note MCLA teams FSU and UF actually held a smilar affair before Flordia States spring football game.  It didn't come close to Ohio State's success but was quite the accomplishment for both programs regardless. 

Also, props to the 412 Blog for picking up on this tid bit about San Diego State posting for a Head Women's Lacrosse coach.  There has been some talk about SDSU adding Women's Lacrosse for a couple years now but nothing official.  Looks like it is all but imminent.