Jacksonville to the MAAC?

UPDATE: 6/7/10 it's official

Some rumors are floating around that first year program Jacksonville University will join the MAAC for the 2011 season.  While this would certainly be good for JU, it shows the need for some sort of southern lacrosse conference similar to the role played by the Great Western Lacrosse League for many years.  Universities such as Mercer and Presbyterian need a home as well and a southern lacrosse conference could help encourage other small D1 southern universities to add the sport (Stetson, UNF?) if they had an AQ to play for.  How about this for a southern lacrosse conference:

+ a new program in the future or
-Air Force

No matter what happens, unless you are Johns Hopkins, (or 'Cuse or an ACC caliber school) being an independent is not a pathway to success in Division 1 lacrosse.  Schools like Mercer and Presbyterian need to be proactive in either joining a conference or helping to form one to ensure the future success of their programs.