US Coaches Work to Grow the Game in Germany

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In North America nearly each Lacrosse knows. Now a Hamburg association wants to bring the spectacular sport forward also in Germany - and sets thereby on coaches from the USA: The development aides are to terminate the stagnation and create professional structures.

Kyle Hawkins is an icon. In the USA it has the Lacrosse team of the University of Missouri trained, there dared it 2006 a much-considered step - it professed itself to its homosexuality. As one of very few gays in the sport enterprise it risked Coming out. Year after was it no more coaches, who are reasons disputed - however who knows, perhaps would have it that today 39-Jährigen otherwise never to Hamburg devious.

Hawkins is one of the two largest hopes in the German Lacrosse. The other one is Robert Eakins, 53, from New York. Hawkins and Eakins are coach the Hamburg Warrios and the only persons in Germany, which are full-time Lacrosse training supervisors. They have a mission: The sport is to become popular in this country.

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