Michigan's Tell Tale Heart

It's been thumping just beneath the floorboards of the Michigan athletic department for nearly a year now. It's a rhythmic cadence that must have Wolverine men's lacrosse coaches, players, fans and boosters holding their hands over their ears trying to silence the pounding.

Var-si-ty. Var-si-ty. Var-si-ty.

We've reached the point where if and when the university announces the move to the NCAA Division I ranks, it will be the most anti-climactic news in the history of the sport.

The concept of Michigan ditching its MCLA roots to go varsity has been around for years. It was all the way back in November 2007 when Wolverine coach John Paul planted the seed for the move.

"Whether it's three years from now or 15 years from now, Division I lacrosse at Michigan is inevitable," Paul told a reporter from The Michigan Daily. "The way the sport continues to grow, and all of the selling points that we have for it, it's going to happen."

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