Women's Division I Post Season Could Expand to 24 As Early As 2013

The NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse tournament bracket could expand from 16 to 24 teams possibly as early as 2013, a move that would eliminate most play-in games.
D’Ann Keller, associate director of championships and alliances for the NCAA, said the expansion has been approved by the Division I championship and sports management cabinet. However, it still has several stages to pass through, including the budget committee, before it becomes certain.

With 91 teams this spring and several more expected in the next few years, there could soon be 13 or 14 conferences with automatic qualifiers up from the current 11. An NCAA bylaw stipulates 50 percent of the bracket must be filled with at-large bids, Keller said, so more AQs would necessitate an additional play-in game, bringing the total to four, unless the bracket is expanded to 24.

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