Introducing Lacrosse to Atlanta Youth

Ever pulled off an “ankle breaker,” “around the world,” or used an “A” stick? L-R:Martin Luther King, Jr. High School Boys Lacrosse Coach Corey Carter, Decatur Army President Bert Miller, MLK High School Girls Lacrosse Coach Ramon Rivers. Most DeKalb County kids would say no. Bert Miller, who runs Decatur Army Youth Athletics, is hoping to change that so kids know the lingo of a sport most probably have never watched or played.

“Lacrosse is continuing to grow and as it remains an up-and-coming sport with youths across the country, I would like to get South DeKalb youths involved because it’s an untapped resource at this point,” said Miller, who hopes to begin offering free lacrosse clinics for elementary students by mid-September. “I believe we only have two high school teams in South DeKalb because a lot of the kids don’t even see the sport until high school. That has to change.

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