Minnesota AD Comments on D1 Lacrosse

The Gophers are getting closer to unveiling their vision for a major overhaul to their facilities for football, basketball and other sports.

Athletics director Norwood Teague said Thursday that the department's strategic facilities plan should be completed by mid-April. After that, department officials will begin a statewide tour to drum up fundraising. The eventual cost, Teague said, could be anywhere from $80 million to $125 million, but with some of the most outmoded facilities in the Big Ten, the university is trying to close the gap.

On potentially adding or cutting from the list of 25 Gophers sports teams: "There could be a time that could change, but I think it would be more of an addition than subtraction. ... [Adding lacrosse] is mentioned all the time. We'll look at it, but it doesn't mean it will happen any time soon."

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