Many Teams Don't Want Lacrosse to Become an IHSA Sport in Illinois

Vernon Hills athletic director Brian McDonald is a big proponent of adding boys and girls lacrosse to the IHSA's roster. But he can't do it alone.

 While more than enough girls lacrosse teams want to play in the IHSA playoffs and become a fully-sanctioned sport under the state organization, there are too many dissenters among the boys teams. And the IHSA stipulates that both boys and girls lacrosse have to join together.

 McDonald said he's frustrated by the schools that have teams but aren't willing to be recognized by the state's association. In response, McDonald no longer schedules games against schools that refuse to join the IHSA.

 "It seems like we are stuck in this hole, and we can't get out of it," McDonald said. "I don't know what the reasons are, maybe financial, but I respect the right of those schools to have them. "But for us, I feel like they are inhibiting the growth of the sport."

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