Florida Becomes First State To Mandate Helmets In Girls HS Lacrosse

It’s official: helmets have been mandated in the state of Florida. On June 10, the Florida High School Athletic Association ruled that all participating members of the FHSAA will have to wear helmets in 2015. These participating FHSAA programs will be the only teams in the nation state-mandated to wear this form of protective head gear.

 “The board did vote on mandating a helmet for the 2015 season,” Alex Ozuna, an Assistant Director of Athletics and the lacrosse administrator for the Florida High School Athletic Association, confirmed Wednesday. “A board member brought up this recommendation to the board for an action item. It was discussed during the operations committee, and we had individuals from US Lacrosse present to kind of give the committee a background on where they currently are in the process of standardizing specifications for a soft helmet for the girl’s game.” Ozuna continued: “The item was taken to the Board of Directors. The whole entire board reviewed and took into account what was said by the individuals from US Lacrosse and decided that because it is a major safety issue in our state — they took into account how long the process has been for US Lacrosse to get to this point — and moving forward that they wanted to go ahead and take the steps now instead of having to wait one, two, possibly three years for an actual product with the specific standardize specifications that US Lacrosse was going to implement.”

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