Newbury College (D3 MA) Adds Men's Lacrosse

BROOKLINE, Mass. - Newbury College is pleased to announce that it will add men’s lacrosse to its athletics lineup in the New England Collegiate Conference, beginning with the spring 2019 season. The College recently approved adding the sport to its intercollegiate athletics program, which currently sponsors 16 intercollegiate sport programs; eight men’s teams and eight women’s teams. 

According to CollegeCross.com, 27 institutions added a lacrosse program in 2017, including the addition of Newbury College’s women’s lacrosse team. Sixteen of the 27 started men’s lacrosse programs.

“Since we announced the addition of our women’s lacrosse program two years ago, we have experienced an increase in interest for men’s lacrosse on campus.” said Newbury College Director of Athletics Jonathan Harper. “I am pleased that Newbury continues to strengthen the Athletics program by adding a sport that is very popular in the Northeast, especially at the high school level.”

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