Michigan A.D. Confirms Varsity Lacrosse in the Future


Normally 50-60 Alumni at the Toledo events, today there was 128 people.

DB (A.D. Dave Brandon) sees the Big 10 at 14 teams in the next couple of years, with 16 teams being possible. Only big name teams that have a large market share / successful in sports and in academics. He did not name names, but mentioned only a few schools fit that profile.

Going to be adding mega scoreboards / TVs in both endzones in the near future. Once the FB team is back to standards, 115K will be seen in the Big House.

Meets with RR (Head Football Coach Rich Rodriguez) every Sunday after games, they do have a very good relationship and RR understands the expectations at Michigan. Football drives the athletic department.

Will be expanding the athletic department…adding both men’s and women’s Lacrosse to get up to 27 sports.

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