MLL Commisioner Reveals Machine Will Have Permanent Home in 2011, and Expansion in 2012

Lacrosse All Stars: As MLL Commissioner, what is a normal day in your shoes like?

David Gross: I don’t think there is much that’s normal in a given day besides when I arrive and leave. I usually arrive between 7:30 am – 8:00 am and head for home around 6:00 pm so I can have dinner with my kids (ages 7 and 4). After I put them to bed I’ll usually hop on the computer to finish things up. Besides some structured weekly meetings with the league staff and our teams, my time is spent on a host of league matters that vary from the time of year and day. The month of September, there is a strong focus working on the league budget for the following year. So much of what we do here is a collaborative effort.

Besides the budget, on any given day I can be involved in talking to potential expansion ownership groups, looking at licensing opportunities and our own on-line store, dealing with legal paperwork, working on how to best utilize our marketing platforms, getting involved in our league special events (college draft, All Star Game, Championship Weekend), collaborating with our current league sponsors and seeking out new league partners, assisting our teams with any problems they may be facing, communicating with players in the league and working on our broadcast distribution and content.

In terms of strategic planning for the league, I find I spend more time on that when I’m in the car or out of the office traveling.

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