BU, UNH, UConn and Northeastern Talk About Their Men's Lacrosse Futures

In this months issue of New England Lacrosse Journal Braden Campbell asks New England colleges without Men's Lacrosse if they can see the sport in their future and gets some interesting answers.

Boston University A.D. Mike Lynch

"I would say it's very serious, I would say that we're in the final stages of decision-making in terms of whether or not it's something that BU would add in the near term"

Northeastern A.D. Peter Roby

"We've had people that are involved in the program, especially on the men's side, who have come to us and inquired, (and) alumni who have indicated interest. I think just given the popularity of lacrosse as a sport, given where we're located, and coming off the heels of our decisions around football, I think it was natural for people to start speculating."

UConn Associate A.D. Mike Enright

"We realize it's an up-and-coming sport, but we have 24 sports, we have a large budget. We're not looking to add any sports right now."

New Hampshire A.D. Marty Scarano

"I think we all believe - and my president is particularly fond of lacrosse - that it would be a great fit for us. Unfortunately, we just can't afford it. We're holding on desperately to what we have right now. I'm optimistic that when women's lacrosse gets into the tournament and gets going, that it's going to inspire more of the male side to get on board with this. We have a number of alumns that had done very well, they're smart businessmen. If we can get a number of those people together, maybe we can start trying to figure this out."

Boston College and Stonehill College also were referenced in the article as stating they had no plans to elevate their teams to varsity status.