Youth Lacrosse Growing Across Southwest Florida

It is the first day of skill assessments leading into the latest season for the Southwest Florida Youth Lacrosse League, and league president Ted Cassidy is explaining the game to a curious visitor.

“The object is just what you think it is,” Cassidy said, pointing at the goal. “Get the ball in the hole.”

A few minutes later, a few of the league’s more experienced players stand off to the side while a large crowd of helmet-and-shoulder-pad-clad kids run back and forth behind them during drills.

“At school, they see my lacrosse shorts sometimes and they’ll ask why I’m wearing my bathing suit,” said Kyle Dos Santos, 12.

“Mine do too,” nodded Bryce Thirtyacre, 10.

Lacrosse has been on the rise for the last decade in Southwest Florida, even getting an audition last year to become a local varsity high school sport.

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Jodi Murphy said...

It's great to see the sport is gaining momentum across the country. American sports have been dominated for so long by football and baseball that making any headway as a relatively "new" sport is great!