Championship Attendance Down, NCAA Ponders Change

Among the potential changes that Jarnecke said have been discussed, the most dramatic may be moving the Final Four a week later into June and playing the Quarterfinals on Memorial Day weekend. He said the idea of stretching out the weekend so the NCAA DI Final is a week later than the Semifinals hasn’t been addressed; in the early-June championship weekend scenario, he predicted it would be the same format as the current event.

Adding a week to the season does have some bigger hurdles, however, since that would keep students on campus longer after classes are over and there are costs associated with that. But removing some of the “opportunity costs” of playing on a holiday weekend might benefit the championship event, he said.

“If there’s a model and it makes sense, it’s something we’ll consider,” he said. “So we will explore that, but that part may be harder to come by than the other pieces.”