Lacrosse Party-Boy Image Worries Coaches

Duke University men’s lacrosse coach John Danowski still talks to recruits’ parents about the stripper party that led to false rape allegations six years ago.
University of Virginia coach Dom Starsia won’t grant interview requests about a former player who beat his girlfriend to death two years ago. Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala says a survey that showed lacrosse players are the biggest users of illicit drugs among college athletes was “deeply concerning.”

Dave Pietramala, head coach of Johns Hopkins University's men's lacrosse team, talks about reputation issues associated with college lacrosse. He spoke with Bloomberg's Curtis Eichelberger in April. (Source: Bloomberg)

As the sport grows from pockets of devoted followers on the East Coast to national prominence -- youth participation almost tripled from 2001 to 2010 -- it is struggling to avoid developing an image that could damage its future.

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