Would BC Drop Baseball for Lacrosse?

Brad Bates faces a series of decisions with regards to Men's Basketball in the coming days and weeks. He knows. We know. And it really should be the top of mind, since outside of Football, basketball should be our biggest revenue generator. However, an empty Conte is causing deficits, not surpluses. Once dealt with then his next big issue will be BC Baseball.

 Baseball's problems are two fold. First Bates needs to determine if we are any good. The Florida swing wasn't encouraging, but there is still a lot of baseball to play. If Gambino doesn't show improvement and competitiveness, then he needs to go. Being a BC grad is always a plus, but you cannot overlook losing forever. Gambino's ties to Gene and the fact he was selected over more experienced candidates, doesn't bode well for him getting the benefit of the doubt from Bates.

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