Women's D1 Lacrosse Postseason Tournament to Expand to 26 Teams

INDIANAPOLIS — Women’s rowing is one of three Division I sports whose championship brackets will expand in 2013. In August, the NCAA Executive Committee approved a budget that included a recommendation from the Division I Championships/Sport Management Cabinet to expand championships in the Football Championship Subdivision, women’s lacrosse and rowing.

The two women’s sports will expand their brackets in the spring of 2013, while the FCS bracket will expand in the fall of 2013. The FCS bracket will grow from 20 to 24 teams in 2013, while the women’s lacrosse bracket will increase from 16 to 26 teams and rowing moves from 16 to 22 teams in the spring.

Expansion in the two women’s sports is consistent with the Executive Committee’s charge to ensure that equitable opportunities exist in light of the bracket expansion for the FCS championship.

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